About Us

Jenevesalons was born out of the understanding that great hair can transform someone’s mental health, confidence, physical appearance and overall feel-good factor and so quality is something that we take seriously. We are able to provide our customers with affordable and dependable hair wigs. This drive was born out of personal circumstances, which though talked about with much laughter now, acted as the genesis for the service Jenevesalons offer.

When as a young teenager I (very much by accident) caught half the side of my head of hair on fire. There was an open candle near the sofa where I bent to pick up the comb that had fallen out of my hair while it was being combed by my aunt. I guess the rest is easily imagined except that I came out virtually unscathed bar the fact that I ended up with a badly “cut” and very lopsided mohawk. Therefore, the answer to avoiding ridicule and bullying was to make a wig to cover the “lopsided mohawk” until one the hair grew back to the length of the other side. The hair grew back, but I have never looked back.